Episode 044 - Honeysuckle

A conversation with Honeysuckle

A conversation with Honeysuckle



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recorded June 19, 2017
published July 05, 2017

Listen here:

Listen to their In Concert Series live show at Club Passim here:

We have been major fans of Honeysuckle from the moment we saw them on The Sinclair stage opening for The Ballroom Thieves. Fellow Berklee College of Music grads Holly McGarry, Benjamin Burns and Chris Gooch Bloniarz have a sound that is difficult to describe – it definitely has bluegrass roots but leans towards what we’ll call Porch Rock. If no one else has coined the phrase we will take full credit.

Their harmonies, musicianship and unexpected arrangements will blow you away. Playing guitar, banjo and mandolin - while their voices are very distinct they blend together to build an ethereal landscape of sound that surrounds you.

The performance at the famous Club Passim was recorded June 30, 2017 in Cambridge, MA. 

photo credit: Michelle Gendreau Photography

Music in this episode:

In Concert Series performance at Club Passim:

Track 01 - Pigeons
Track 02 - Canary
Track 03 - Dog Song
Track 04 - Large Regardless
Track 05 - Constellations
Track 06 - Beautiful Pain
Track 07 - It's Getting Late
Track 08 - Something Worth Having
Track 09 - Board That Plane
Track 10 - Green Line
Track 11 - Catacombs
Track 12 - Moonshiner