Episode 110 - Jimmy Connor

A conversation with Jimmy Connor

A conversation with Jimmy Connor



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recorded July 17, 2018
published August 30, 2018

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We had heard of Jimmy Connor over the past year through the grapevine – rumors of a young musician with guitar chops making a name for himself while only just graduating from High School.

We decided to find out for ourselves what all the hubbub was about.

Boston native Jimmy Connor is a talent. He now lives in Nashville and just released his first EP called It’s About Time. We talked about his roots, his ambitions, the challenge of making the grade in High School while at the same time starting a professional career in music, and his aspirations that include but are not limited to his own tour bus.

Music in this episode:

Song 1: Party Girl
Song 2: Nowhere's Where I Wanna Be

Live Songs:

Song 1: It's About Time
Song 2: Four Door