Chuck Clough

founder and host

Growing up in Concord, Massachusetts, Chuck began playing guitar at a young age and had various bands throughout his life.

A graduate of Northeastern University (BA History, '91), Chuck moved to New York in 1992 to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AOS, '94) for acting and was a member of the American Academy Company ('95). 

As a founder and producer at VagaBOND Theatre Company, Chuck acted in and produced several original off-off Broadway plays and later produced independent feature films. 

In 1994 he began playing music again and co-founded acoustic rock trio Northern Point which released 3 albums: November (2005), Northern Point - Live at St. James Gate (2008) and After The Frost (2010).

In 2010 Chuck moved back to Boston and co-founded The Butler Frogs with David G. Moore, Ronnie Hirschberg, Tim Fiehler and Greg Mara. Their first EP will come out fall 2019.

He left the corporate world in the fall of 2016 and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in History at Northeastern University.


Ronnie Hirschberg

co-founder and host

Ronnie grew up in Western NY, forming his first band, The Underground, in 1985. After moving to Burlington, VT for school, he found a songwriting-improvisation balance with his band, ironically called Chuck. They played various colleges throughout New England and New York.

In The Late 90's, his path turned toward a career in medicine, and after nine years of school and residency training, he became a physiatrist specializing in trauma rehabilitation with emphasis on traumatic brain and spinal cord injury and polytrauma.

He has been fortunate to play with and perform for several of his patients and has seen the impact of music on recovery and the brain, and the impact that individual's recoveries have had on his and other's music.

In 1995, he recorded a self-titled compilation of jazz-influenced pop songs. In 2011, Ronnie began the Deer Mountain Songwriter Series to collaborate with musicians outside of Boston. He continues as a singer-songwriter and has been a proud Butler Frog since 2012.

Ronnie lives in Acton, Massachusetts with his wife and two children.