Music, Addiction and Recovery

This is the time of year we remember to be thankful. And no matter what stress or adversity may come our way, we all have something that makes us grateful. 

This summer, Above The Basement discovered hope and resilience in some wonderful people who were the impetus for a special Music and Health episode on the American opioid epidemic - through the lens of music and community. 

We are all affected directly or indirectly by addiction and the struggles that are associated with this disease. At the same time, we can come together, educate ourselves, and find out how we can help as allies, friends and family. 

We are proud to share this special episode called Music, Addiction and Recovery. We spoke with families, foundations, musicians and physicians who tell the story of the opiate crisis: the disease, treatment and path to recovery.

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Thank you for listening and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Chuck and Ronnie

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