Photographer Joe Wallace

Photographer Joe Wallace

Joe Wallace

I have always loved a good story. Devouring books and films or listening to my grandfather's amazing adventures. 

I trained as a writer and spent 10 years selling stories in advertising. The last twelve years I've been joyfully telling stories through photographs. 

My approach to photography applies a fine art sensibility to the journalist’s eye for storytelling. I love crafting an arresting visual narrative and cherish the energy and magic of collaboration. Whether with subject, client, or other artists - projects are richer and more rewarding when each person is given space to express their own unique viewpoint. 

When not behind the camera, you can find me running in the woods, wrestling with my kids, or spinning a ridiculous yarn for anyone who will listen. 

My clients include The Ritz Carlton, SAP, GlaxoSmithKlein, Callaway Golf, and Jean Michele Cousteau.

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Photographer Michelle Gendreau

Photographer Michelle Gendreau

Michelle Gendreau

I can't say I’m entirely sure how I came to have a body of work focused on honest portraiture and dance.  It was a long, meandering path that began with photographs of my daughters — my muses — and then extended beyond.

I am a thinker and an observer.  My favorite images are raw and imperfect and tell a story without words.  They capture a hint of spirit and individuality and tell a little bit about how a person connects with others and how they see the world—while leaving something to the imagination.

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guest photographers

Guest photographer Maureen McDermott

Guest photographer Maureen McDermott

Maureen McDermott

After packing up my belongings and adventuring across the country in 2000, I fell in love with our diverse American Landscape. For 13 years, I was awed  by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and inspired by the eclectic sounds of the Seattle music scene. 

My interest photography started as a way to document my experience on the West Coast by sharing images of the quirky urban vibe in Seattle and the stunning mountain views on hikes outside the city. After moving back to the Boston area in 2013, my camera and I now love to capture the vivid colors of the New England Seasons, especially in the Fall.

When I'm not out photographing nature, I enjoy working with children, running, practicing yoga, traveling to new places and taking interesting classes at New England School of Photography.

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Guest photographer Daniel Shrives

Guest photographer Daniel Shrives

Daniel Shrives

Bio coming shortly!