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Are you a fan of music?  Do you want to join a growing list of music fans who want to help us reach more people and introduce the world to the musicians and artists we talk with?



Are you as curious as we are about how musicians, producers and other artists tick? How they write, tour, grow, and learn? How music impacts and relates to culture, community, health, social justice and science? 

Then join Above The Basement in our mission by becoming a Street Teamer!

What can I do?

  1. Ask all your social connections to subscribe to our podcast through one of the podcast distribution applications like iTunes, Stitcher, RadioPublic, etc...
  2. Share ATB Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram pictures and anything else that we post from our official social media sites.
  3. Invite your connections to:
       - like our Facebook page
       - follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat
       - join our mailing list
  4. Recruit others to also share our episodes or content whenever we post.
  5. Hit the streets at local shows to hand out flyers and stickers.

What are the benefits?

  1. Receive an official Above The Basement Street Team ID with your code name
  2. An Above The Basement sticker
  3. You'll be listed on our Street Team page on this website
  4. An opportunity to send in questions for our guests
  5. Get content unavailable to regular subscribers
  6. Other cool stuff TBD!

To join our Street Team, fill out the form below and we'll reach out with more details!

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