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Episode 112 - Rob Bleetstein

 A conversation with Rob Bleetstein

A conversation with Rob Bleetstein

recorded September 3, 2018 

In our conversation with Austin’s Darden Smith last year, we covered some of the history of Americana. Recently Ronnie was on a call with Mr. Smith who highly recommended getting in touch with Rob Bleetstein - who we shall learn had co-coined the term Americana in the 90s.

Rob has been a connoisseur of several genres of music since he was a kid, and they all share one common thread: Culture.

Rob entered the radio world with guns blazing, becoming an archivist for New Riders of the Purple Sage / NRPS. In recent years he became producer of Pearl Jam Radio while sharing his ongoing expertise as host of Grateful Dead Radio, both on SiriusXM.

Ronnie mentioned to his brother-in-law Cory that Mr. Bleetstein would be a guest on ATB, and Cory, being a Pearl Jam super-fan, simply stated, “Wow, you’re going to talk to The Rob.”

That certainly set our expectations high for this conversation.

Rob highlighted his love for the live experience, and how the common thread of music fandom culture transcends genres. He also gave us a perspective on just how important Pearl Jam fans are to the musicians and how the fans in return emulate their missions and causes. 

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Episode 111 - Above The Noise

 A conversation with Kristen Williams-Haseotes and Maureen Cavanagh

A conversation with Kristen Williams-Haseotes and Maureen Cavanagh

recorded August 21, 2018 

Whether we realize it or not, the current opioid crisis affects us all. And while many people donate their time and resources to fight this huge problem, we met two women who imagined something unique and bigger. 

In November 2017, Kristen Williams-Haseotes created the Above The Noise Foundation – an organization that promotes awareness, education and advocacy for this addiction crisis that has touched so many lives. 

Maureen Cavanagh is a mom and author of the recently published book If You Love Me: A Mother’s Journey Through Her Daughters Opioid Addiction.

They are both determined to wipe out stigma and proudly share this mission. 

They were joined by a passionate team, coming together to give rise to the first large scale sober music festival - paying tribute and raising awareness to addiction and stigma and to honor and support those who have made to the “other side” - recovery. 

We were honored to sit across from these women as we learned about their personal journeys, their message of recovery, and the road that led them to their wonderful event in Pawtucket, RI on September 29 - Recovery Fest 2018.

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Episode 113 - Wyc Grousbeck

 A conversation with Wyc Grousbeck

A conversation with Wyc Grousbeck


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