Episode 005 - Siri Smedvig

A conversation with Siri Smedvig

A conversation with Siri Smedvig



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recorded May 09, 2016
published June 30, 2016

Listen here:

Artist and violinist, Siri grew up in an artistic family in Seattle and has played the violin since the age of 7. She has played with the Boston Pops and many other Boston freelance orchestras and has performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center with the American Symphony. 

Our friend and sometime drummer Jonathan Beakley fills in for Ronnie Hirschberg this time around as Ronnie is in the studio working on a documentary soundtrack.

As you will soon hear, we met Siri under somewhat unusual circumstances at a Butler Frog gig. Our conversation covers a lot of ground – her upbringing in a very musical family, her thoughts on how she approaches music, art and life in a joyful way.

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