Episode 008 - Perry Bakalos

A conversation with Perry Bakalos

A conversation with Perry Bakalos



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recorded July 25, 2016
published August 25, 2016

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Guitarist Perry Bakalos heads The Perry Bakalos Group and is a member of the award winning band Atlas Soul. Perry is also an electrical engineer and has his own recording studio called Erudite Effects.

Mr. Bakalos has been a great help to Ronnie and I trying to get our recording rig up to speed but his improvisational skills on the guitar are what really blow us away.

You will hear a cut off of his Essential Hazzard album called Chasin’ Pigeons from his former band of the same name and at the end of the conversation we’ll play a cut from Atlas Soul’s Gypsy Wind called This Won’t Take Long.

Music in this episode: