Episode 045 - Dr. Lisa Wong

A conversation with Dr. Lisa Wong

A conversation with Dr. Lisa Wong


Dr. Lisa Wong

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recorded July 10, 2017
published July 20, 2017

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Dr. Lisa Wong is a musician and pediatrician, a violinist and educator, a wife, mom and mentor. From Hawaii she came to Harvard and has remained a New Englander and leader in music-medicine, and in a broader sense an expert thinker in the convergence of Art and Science.

As President of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra for 20 years, Lisa has performed in and managed the 90 piece multitalented group of healthcare worker / musicians, and during her tenure worked on countless concerts for causes that affect all of us.

Lisa has the ability to connect people through her own creativity and help make change happen through the arts.

photo credit: Michelle Gendreau Photography

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