Episode 075 - Matthew Stubbs

A conversation with Matthew Stubbs

A conversation with Matthew Stubbs

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recorded January 08, 2018
published January 18, 2018

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We talked with Matthew Stubbs as he was just about to take the floor with his band Matthew Stubbs and The Antiguas for his 2017 Boston Music Award winning residency DownBeat Mondays at The Sinclair.

The B-Movies showing on the TVs along with the psychedelic light show and animation coloring the band create a surreal environment – made all the more amazing by the fantastic instrumental mix of what has been called Acid Blues.

While he has two great solo albums under his belt - he just released his first self titled album with The Antiguas (called Matthew Stubbs and The Antiguas).

But you gotta hear these guys live to really appreciate the entire package.