Episode 077 - David Wax Museum

A conversation with David Wax Museum

A conversation with David Wax Museum

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recorded January 23, 2018
published February 01, 2018

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We met with David Wax and Suz Slezak - appropriately enough in a guesthouse where they were staying with their own family of four.

They are on a 10 city tour as a duo - humming along the way with new creations of melodies and lyrics while at the same time teaching their kids a thing or two about language, culture and the road.

Their music will both soothe and surprise you, treating the ears with harmonies and often unexpected but pleasant repetitive lines and hooks - – it is an anthropological journey into their own Mexo-Americana connection.

This 2 piece is usually a 5 piece band and - spoiler alert - the upcoming touring show seems to be expanding to a 7 piece in a town near you soon.

Blindfolds optional...