Episode 093 - Brent Shuttleworth

A conversation with Brent Shuttleworth

A conversation with Brent Shuttleworth

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recorded April 11, 2018
published May 10, 2018

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When we got word that Brent Shuttleworth was coming to town, we saw it as an opportunity to celebrate the Nashville / Boston connection, new and old friends, and experience a fresh unique style of songwriting and performing.

We wanted to do something new so we gathered some ATB friends and fans together at Rapscallions Table and Tap in Acton, MA and did our first LIVE episode that we are calling a ConcertCast.

Brent immersed himself into the audience with his music and strong spirit. He worked his craft of combining a classic singer-songwriter vibe along with new beats and loops via a control surface called "Maschine".

We talked about his journey and method, his love for visual art and expression, and how his terrifying assault by several men that caused a head injury and almost killed him changed his perspective on life and his music forever.

This was also a sort of homecoming for Brent as he spent several years here as a kid and we were excited to invite him to the ConcertCast stage for music and conversation.