Episode 103 - James MacDonald

A conversation with James MacDonald

A conversation with James MacDonald

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recorded June 10, 2018
published July 04, 2018

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Having the title of Director Of Good Vibes would be a daunting title for any normally pessimistic human being, but James MacDonald is an optimist.

Formerly with the Life Is Good Festival, James started Festival At The Farm in Canton, MA which will take place in September and features Amos Lee, Dawes, and former ATB guests Martin Sexton, Ali McGuirk and Jesse Dee as well as one of our upcoming guests Will Dailey among many others.

The music in this episode is from some of these artists. James has worked in all areas of music including artist management, but now devotes all his time to this amazing festival.

But the weekend is more than just music. It is a celebration that offers locally-sourced and inspired food vendors, a farmers market, non-profits, backyard games, a craft vendor marketplace and even includes music for the kids.

We also discovered that James is a wonderful guy.

photo credit: Joe Wallace Photography

Music in this episode:

Song 1: Long Time (Ali McGuirk - Slow Burn)
Song 2: On My Mind, In My Heart (Jesse Dee - On My Mind, In My Heart)
Song 3: When It Dies (Will Dailey - Golden Walker)