Episode 105 - Bearstronaut

A conversation with Bearstronaut

A conversation with Bearstronaut



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recorded June 18, 2018
published July 19, 2018

Listen here:

We met with a few of the fellas from the Boston electronic-pop band Bearstronaut - David Martineau and Nate Marsden at The Sinclair Kitchen.

We quickly went through all the annoying questions - where their name came from and what band do they sound like, and got to the important stuff - their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live a year ago, what was the name of the recent Harrison Ford movie not named Star Wars or Regarding Henry, whether "Medieval" is a time period or a level of evilness, and what makes a good bachelor party.

All in all we had a great conversation.

photo credit: Joe Wallace Photography

Music in this episode:

Song 1: Shadow (Telecoast)
Song 2: Moniker (Moniker - Single)
Song 3: Working Nights (Working Nights - Single)
Song 4: Miracle Mile (Miracle Mile - Single)