Episode 106 - Chris Trapper

A ConcertCast with Chris Trapper

A ConcertCast with Chris Trapper



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recorded June 24, 2018
published July 26, 2018

Listen here:

Listen to the concert here:

Our very first ConcertCast with Brent Shuttleworth was an experiment. Have our guest play a few, sit with us for 20 minutes or so and have a Q&A in front of a live audience followed by a full performance. It was an amazing evening and Brent brought the house down.

So we decided to up our game.

Back in June we met at the beautiful City Winery in Boston in front of a sold out Haymarket Lounge for our second ConcertCast with prolific Singer-Songwriter and front man for Boston’s own The Push Stars Chris Trapper. And if we do say so ourselves it was a huge success!

It was through sitting with Chris for our conversation that we were really able to get an idea of what makes him tick – his love of the road, the importance of family and how gratitude has become a big part of who he is.

photo credit: Michelle Gendreau Photography

Music in this episode:

Opening set:

Song 1: Living Downtown
Song 2: Paint The Town
Song 3: The Accident

Closing show:

Song 1: Everything Shines
Song 2: The Losing End
Song 3: Don’t Let Your Monday Own Your Sunday
Song 4: Gone Again
Song 5: Into The bright Lights
Song 6: This Time
Song 7: Skin
Song 8: Keg On My Coffin