Episode 109 - Will Dailey

A conversation with Will Dailey

A conversation with Will Dailey



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recorded July 08, 2018
published July 16, 2018

Listen here:

In this day and age we all seem to crave the connection to others that seems to be missing in this environment of screens and social media. Will Dailey wants to break down that wall. And if you don’t want to climb over the remaining pieces, well he is OK with that.

With his latest album Golden Walker Will wants you to turn off those distractions. To drop the needle on the album and listen. We loathe to place Will into a nice box by calling him a singer-songwriter, because somehow it is not quite so simple.

What we can say about him is that he is a very thoughtful guy and we really enjoyed spending time with him to talk about that missing connection, being an indie artist and having no regrets.

Music in this episode:

Song 1: Bad Behavior (Golden Walker)
Song 2: He Better be Alive (Golden Walker)
Song 3: Up To Your Heart (Golden Walker)
Song 4: Castle of Pretending (National Throat)

Live Song: It Already Would Have Not Worked Out By Now