Episode 117 - Kara Elliott-Ortega

A conversation with Kara Elliott-Ortega

A conversation with Kara Elliott-Ortega


Arts and Culture of the City of Boston

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recorded October 29, 2018
published November 1, 2018

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We went to City Hall in Boston to talk with the new Chief of Arts and Culture Kara Elliott-Ortega. The Mayors Office of Arts and Cultures mission is to support artists, the cultural sector, and to promote access to the arts for all.

Kara recently worked as the Director of Planning and Policy in the Arts cabinet for three years, implementing Boston’s cultural plan called Boston Creates.

We were also happy to have Communications Director Kristina Carroll join us.

We sat in a conference room overlooking Faneuil Hall and discussed how the Boston Red Sox duckboat victory parade will crawl through these historic streets once again this week.

Other than our recent World Series Championship, we talked about the current state of the arts in Boston and the work Kara’s team is doing to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the Boston arts scene.