Episode 124 - Zina Ellis of Cinderella

A conversation with Zina Ellis from Cinderella

A conversation with Zina Ellis from Cinderella

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recorded December 19, 2018
published December 21, 2018

Listen here:

Every so often we get the opportunity to catch a musical coming through Boston and then sit with the actors or musicians for a chat.  

We were especially lucky to have a conversation with the lovely Zina Ellis who plays the Fairy Godmother in Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella at the beautifully restored Emerson Colonial Theatre.  

We saw the show the night before talking with Zina and had a fantastic time – the show is a fresh new take on the beloved tale of a young woman who is transformed from a chambermaid into a princess.

Hilarious and romantic Cinderella combines the story’s classic elements – glass slippers, a pumpkin and a beautiful ball along with some surprising twists.

But we aren’t going to give anything more away – you’ll just have to catch the show before it moves on to another town.  

Cinderella runs in Boston through December 30th and you can get your tickets at emersoncolonialtheatre.com