Episode 127 - Jared Bowen

A conversation with Jared Bowen

A conversation with Jared Bowen



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recorded January 25, 2019
published February 10, 2019

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We took a ride early one morning to the WGBH studios in Brighton, Mass to sit with arts and entertainment reporter and Boston native Jared Bowen.  Jared has talked with all sorts or amazing people.

Jared can be found, well – really everywhere.  He is an Emmy award-winning host of the TV series, 'Open Studio with Jared Bowen', a contributor to the WGBH magazine program, 'Greater Boston” and you can also hear him the radio on 89.7, where he talks about what’s going on in Boston for the performing arts on WGBH’s 'Morning Edition' and 'Boston Public Radio'. 

He is also a coach and judge on the choir competition show 'Sing That Thing!'  These are only a few of the things Jared does - he is a busy guy and we were happy to get a chance to sit and talk Boston arts and culture.

photo credit: Joe Wallace Photography

Music and narration outtake courtesy of WGBH Boston from Open Studio with Jared Bowen