Episode 130 - Ari Hest

A conversation with Ari Hest

A conversation with Ari Hest

recorded February 25, 2019
published March 15, 2019

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Episode 130 - a conversation with Ari Hest.

With a distinctive voice and beautiful melodies, Ari Hest has carved out a diverse career as an independent artist. Several of his songs have appeared on TV and Film soundtracks, and 2014 collaboration with Judy Collins earned him his first Grammy nomination for their album Silver Skies Blue.

Now with a brand new baby in the mix, he and his wife, the very talented musician Chrissi Poland, have settled in the South Shore of Massachusetts.

We sat with him at Lucky Finn Café overlooking the harbor in Scituate, Massachusetts. While sipping our espressos, we talked about how he started out in music, guitars, collaboration and babies.

Special guest co-host David Moore otherwise known as MALIN sits in for Ronnie Hirschberg this time around.

Music in this episode:

Song 1: Bird Never Flies (The Break-In)
Song 2: Heart of a Lion (Natural)
Song 3: I Choose Love (Silver Skies Blue with Judy Collins)

Live Songs:

Song 1: Sato (Single)
Song 2: Leaving Her Alone (The Break-In)