Episode 136 - Madeleine Steczynski of ZUMIX

A conversation with Madeleine Steczynski of Zumix

A conversation with Madeleine Steczynski of Zumix



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recorded April 29, 2019
published May 16, 2019

We sat with ZUMIX founder Madeleine Steczynski. ZUMIX is an East Boston-based nonprofit organization dedicated to building the Boston community through music and creative technology.

What began as an idea around a kitchen table has blossomed into a wonderful place for kids to create and learn. As you will hear from Madeleine, they are taught valuable skills to instill confidence, collaboration and creativity in music that will follow them their entire life.

Their core belief is that music is the most powerful means of developing adolescent self-identity. Their award-winning music and creative technology programming is designed to equip youth with the tools necessary to reach their full potential, while creating a safe space for youth to explore who they are and who they want to be.

Co-hosting this time around is Kristina Latino. Kristina is founder and owner of Cornerscape - an independent artist management company.

Photography by Michelle Gendreau Photography

Music from this episode

All songs by Wild Painting, from their album Emotions (available on iTunes & Spotify). Members include ZUMIX participants Angelina Botticcelli, Mario Dueñas, Juan Gutierrez, and Mario Jarjour.

Song 1: Within You
Song 2: Voice Memo
Song 3: Ride