Episode 137 - Anngelle Wood

A conversation with Madeleine Steczynski of Zumix

A conversation with Madeleine Steczynski of Zumix

recorded May 06, 2019
published May 24, 2019

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We are always fascinated to talk about the state of Boston music and Boston music history with people in the business. Terrestrial radio is a huge part of that – WBCN, WFNX, WZLX - if you grew up in Boston those stations were a seminal way to discover new bands that inspired so many musicians.

We met Anngelle Wood at a State of Live Music event that she hosted at iZotope offices in Cambridge when we were trying to learn a bit more about – well – the current state of live music.

Whatever your thoughts on the Boston music scene, Anngelle is doing her part to share the legacy and tell the story of Boston Rock and Roll that continues to inspire musicians young and old.

Anngelle began and is still passionate about radio and has worked at all the legendary Boston radio stations including WBCN, WFNX and WZLX. She is the host of Boston Emissions which began airing on WBCN back in the 80's and has been instrumental in introducing and establishing thousands of bands from Boston and New England and she also hosts and produces the great Rock and Roll Rumble that just celebrated their 40th Anniversary.

We plan on publishing a retrospective on the Rumble and its history in the next month or so.

But it was great to talk with Anngelle who works hard to promote and support great Boston Rock and Roll.

Photography by Michelle Gendreau Photography

Music from this episode

Song 1: Cut from Boston Emissions broadcast, March 14th, 2019

Song 2: Suburban Murders – Brix n’ Mortar (Freshcut)

Song 3: Still - Corner Soul (Instant Gratification)

Song 4: Falling Backwards – Set Fire (Aura)

Song 5: The Theft – Circus Trees (Sakura)

Song 6: Smoke Rolls – Set Fire (Aura)