Episode 139 - Circus Trees

A conversation with Circus Trees

A conversation with Circus Trees



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recorded June 10, 2019
published June 20, 2019

Listen here:

Their live acoustic set:

We saw Circus Trees at The Sinclair in Cambridge when we were there to celebrate  The Record Co.and their upcoming new space in Boston.  

Three young women came on the stage in front of a full house. And once they began playing, everyone paid attention. They blew us away.

Finola, 15, Giuliana, 17 and Edmee, also known as Egg, 13 are sisters from Marlborough, MA. And they play sad music. 

We love sad music. And by the time they finished their set we had already gone over to Robert McCarthy - their manager/dad and founder of Five By Two Records - and he kindly gave us some vinyl of their debut album Sakura.  

Giving us free vinyl is a sure way to get on ATB, but in their case they did not need to bribe their way on.

We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with Egg, Finola and Giuliana and talked influences, writing, rehearsing and how three sisters can get along, collaborate and create intelligent, amazingly sad, but gut-wrenchingly beautiful and emotional rock music in a band that is garnering a lot of attention in Boston.

photo credit: Maureen McDermott

Music in this episode

Song 1: Despondent (Sakura)
Song 2: Empty Cabinets (Sakura)
Song 3: Carousels (Sakura)
Song 4: The OEE (debut song)