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Episode 122 - Jenee Halstead

 A conversation with Jenee Halstead

A conversation with Jenee Halstead

recorded November 26, 2018 

We are no longer surprised that our guests are much more than just musicians. Jenee Halstead is a great example. In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Jenee is also a learner and teacher and recently started a new project called The Inner Song, where she is an holistic vocal and self-expression coach, spiritual teacher, and energy healer.

 In her own journey through music, training and self discovery, Jenee now shares how people can safely and authentically discover their own true voice and power of expression.  

 She has a beautiful singing voice made all the more special by her songwriting skills. Describes as ethereal, you only need to hear her sing to understand why Jed Gotlieb of the Boston Herald called her a tremendous voice in an otherworldly, shadowy soundscape.

She also has her own podcast that she hosts with musician Danielle Mirelia called Lets Put It Off that we sincerely hope is resurrected as, I am sure you all agree, we need more great podcasts in the world.

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Episode 121 - Mike Block

 A conversation with Mike Block

A conversation with Mike Block

recorded November 17, 2018 

Cellist, educator, innovator and pioneer, Mike Block breaks the mold and the norms. He plays, sings and creates percussion with what is normally imagined as an orchestral instrument while he moves around the stage with his strapped on Cello. He surprises you with music usually reserved for other instruments - his takes on classical, folk and pop songs are unique and his own compositions invigorated the crowd at Indian Hill Music.

This is another episode for our ConcertCast series – Mike Block, Live at Indian Hill Music, where we had a great conversation with Mike in front of a live, sold out crowd, followed by a two set performance that we will publish as a separate episode.

Mike is a member of The Silk Road Ensemble, founded by Yo Yo Ma, who called Mike “the ideal musician of the 21st-Century”.

As you will hear from our conversation and the concert that followed, Mike is committed to inspiring musicians and connecting communities through music.

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Episode 123 - State of the Conversation

 A State of the Conversation with Chuck Clough and Ronnie Hirschberg

A State of the Conversation with Chuck Clough and Ronnie Hirschberg


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