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Episode 098/099 - Mickey Hart
Part One and Two

 A conversation with Mickey Hart

A conversation with Mickey Hart


recorded May 29, 2018 

Meet Mickey Hart: part philosopher, scientist, shaman…and passionate drummer. Mickey and The Grateful Dead have offered up the groove and the melody for some of the most iconic themes of our generation. 

He is a musicologist, a student of polyrhythms and a believer in the connections we all have to rhythm.

Mickey has two Grammys and has collaborated with a Nobel Prize in Physics winner, stem-cell researchers and neuroscientists including the late, great Oliver Sacks. 

 Mickey with Chuck and Ronnie

Mickey with Chuck and Ronnie

Mickey is a true supporter of music therapy and the mechanisms behind the healing power of music for not only the injured or neurologically changed, but for the well-being of people from all cultures. 

In 1967 he was introduced to the newly formed Grateful Dead by drummer Bill Kreutzmann, and the Big Bang of the Jam Band was formed with Mr. Jerry Garcia at the helm. 

His telepathic relationship on and off the stage with band members old and new has transcended decades, leading Mickey to the latest chapter: bringing three generations of fans together for this year’s tour with Dead & Company.


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Episode 097 - Tony & Angela DiTerlizzi

 A conversation with Tony and Angela DiTerlizzi

A conversation with Tony and Angela DiTerlizzi

recorded May 14, 2018 

Illustrator and author Tony DiTerlizzi got his start drawing for Dungeons & Dragons but soon began "worldbuilding" though his books that include Jimmy Zangwow's Out-of-this-World Moon Pie AdventureThe Spider and Fly and with writer Holly Black The Spiderwick Chronicles to name only a few of his wonderful books.

Angela has worked as a make-up artist in film and TV including Saturday Night Live and MTV and musicians including Dave Matthews Band, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode and is the author of several award winning children's books that include Say WhatSome Bugs and Baby Love.

They are both amazing.

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Episode 100

a State of the Conversation
with Chuck and Ronnie

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Episode 101 - Jim Olsen

 A conversation with Jim Olsen

A conversation with Jim Olsen