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We've been sitting with Boston musicians, producers and artists for almost two years now and while our conversations all share the common thread of music, they have evolved into, not surprisingly, something much more.

Humanity and humor, culture and community – these themes are embedded in our discussions and frequently dovetail to topics we all relate to in our daily lives such as health, science, education and more.

As our next step, we are excited to announce that we will be joining the Patreon community!

Patreon is a membership platform that provides a way for creators (like us!) to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to subscribers, or ‘patrons’. Back in the day patronage was how “up and comers” like Mozart and Shakespeare created art that “inspires, teaches, and challenges us.” In this day and age where so much content is free, there are big challenges for creators to…well…create… and actually make a living, or at least cover ongoing costs for their creative content.

We want you to become our patron and join in this mission to create great conversations that inspire and connect. We have been self-financed since we got off the ground in June of 2016. But we've reached point that in order to continue to fully invest all we can in each episode, we need your patronage! 

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Advertising & PR – While word-of-mouth and social media have been important tools to reach our audience we need to take the next step. Our goal in 2018 is to at least quadruple downloads and subscriptions, and that will take $$$.

Daily/Monthly/Yearly Costs – Website and content hosting, legal costs, swag for guests, gas, food, travel…. it all adds up!

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